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Story guidelines for submission

PFPF encourages people and their families to share stories to inspire a good life in community. Stories can spark ideas and provide insight on how people living with disabilities can be involved in the community. We believe with the proper support and adequate funding people can achieve their best life.


Not sure what to write? Here are some suggestions:  

  • What activities do you like to do in the community?

  • Where do you work or volunteer?

  • What leisure or recreational activities do you enjoy?

  • Who are the friends and family in your life and how do you mutually give to those relationships?

  • How do support workers act as a bridge to facilitate an everyday life?

  • During COVID, how do you maintain contacts, activities, or relationships?


Story Guidelines:

  1. Stories should focus on community integration/participation.

  2. Stories could illustrate the ways that personalized funding (for example, SSAH and Passport) can support an everyday life.

  3. Pictures are encouraged.

  4. People who submit stories should ensure that everyone mentioned or pictured have given their permission to be part of the submission. All submissions will assume that this has been done.

  5. Submitting stories is a volunteer activity and no financial compensation is provided.

  6. Stories should be a minimum of 250 words to a maximum of 1,200 words.

  7. PFPF may edit stories for general readability and will provide a final version to the originator for final approval.

  8. Stories that promote segregation or congregated programming do not fit with the mission of PFPF.

Submit your story at!

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