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Formerly called the Special Services at Home Passport Provincial Coalition (SSAHPC), we are a group of parents and allies who care about people with disabilities. 


Now called People for Personalized Funding (PFPF), we are a core group of founding SSAHPC family members who came together during 2019 to renew and revitalize our efforts.  Our desire to support our vision has motivated us to become active again. Over many years, we have learned from our family members that their personalized funding was instrumental in making a good life in community happen.   

New name. Same commitment.


This website is dedicated to Beth French, a wonderful woman, mentor and friend of SSAHPC.  Beth passed away in February of 2016 and was blessed by a lifetime of meaningful work.  Whatever a family needed to support their son or daughter to live a good life was the foundation of Beth's work. 

In 1998, Beth stepped in to volunteer with SSAHPC and her numerous gifts contributed to the success of our activities and advocacy.  Her confident, quiet and invisible support guided us down many roads.  Today there is a Beth French Memorial Award given out annually by the Brockville District Association for Community Involvement where she was Executive Director.  We are grateful for our time with Beth and we miss her deeply.



People for Personalized Funding is committed to working with and for all people to use their SSAH, Passport or other personalized support funds in order to have a good everyday ordinary life.

Live the life you deserve!

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  1. Good societies include everyone.

  2. All people have the right to live in their own homes and contribute to and participate in their own natural neighbourhoods and communities.

  3. All people have the right to self-determination.

  4. People and families must have choice and control over government support and services that impact their lives.

  5. Personalized funding models enable supports that are inclusive, responsive to changing needs, flexible, individualized and directed by the individual and/or their family.

  6. Personalized funding allows people with disabilities to enjoy valued relationships, and to have safe and meaningful lives in the community.


People for Personalized Funding (PFPF) has a rich history beginning in 1982 when Special Services at Home (SSAH) was introduced by the Ontario provincial government.  At that time, PFPF was known as the Special Services at Home Provincial Coalition (SSAHPC).


Recording the past helps to connect events through time and highlights events and actions taken since the inception of SSAHPC.   

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